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IQAC Committee »

The IQAC of the college in hereby restructured as under

Committee as minutes of meeting 2017-18 »

This is for the information of followings team members that they have been included in IQAC for the session 2017-18. I hope that all of us will contribute our best to raise qualitative standards of the institution.

Chairperson: Sh. Trilok Chand (Principal)
Coordinator IQAC: Puneet Prem

Members from Teaching staff:

S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Signature
1 Puneet Kanwar
2 Sumit Sharma
3 Ashwini Kumar
4 Gaurav Sharma
5 Devinder Kumar

Senior administrative officer: Sh. Rakesh Pathak (Office Supdt.)
Student member: Shobhit Kumar

Local members:

S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Signature
1 Dr SK Chawla (Retd. Principal)
2 Rajeev Mehta (Businessman)
S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Signature
1 Sh. Sat Dev Bhardwaj
2 Smt. Pratima Nadda
3 DR. Sumiksha
4 Sh. Ajay Ram Dev
5 Dr. Raman Kumar
6 Dr. Ashwini Kumar
7 Sh. Gaurav Sharma
8 Sh. Devender Atlas
9  Ms. Meena Soni librarian and Sh. Pawan Kumar J.O.A.

will Assist the IQAC as an when required.

S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Position
1 Sh. DarshanKumar  Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Sumiksha  Member
3 Dr.Ashwani Patel   Member
4 Dr. Shveta Sharma   Member
5 Sh. Devender Kumar   Member
6 Ms. Anita Saini   Member
7 Sh. Karan Kumar   Member
8 Sh. Devender Kumar   Member
9  Ms. Meena Soni( librarian )   Member
10  Ms. Meena Soni librarian and Sh. Pawan Kumar J.O.A.   Member
11  Sh. Pawan Kumar (J.O.A.-IT)   Member
12  Ms. Anita Kumari (Clerk-BBA)   Member
13  Sh.Amit Kumar(Clerk MCA)   Member
S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Position
1 Prof. Puneet Prem Kanwar  Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Suresh Kumar  Member
3 Dr.meeta Sharma   Member
4 Dr. Ajay Ramdev   Member
5 Dr. Ruchy Sharma   Member
6 Prof.Sumit Sharma   Member
7 Dr.Shveta Sharma   Member
8 Dr. Bhagwan Dass   Member
9 Dr. Kaushal Kumar Pandey   Member
10 Dr. Madan Lal   Member
11 Prof. Karan Kumar   Member
12 Prof. Anita Saini   Member
13  Prof. Vivek Kumar   Member
14  Ms. Meena Soni (Librarian)   Member
15  Ms. Suman Supdt. (G-I)   Member
16  Mr. Satinder Kumar Supdt.(G-II)   Member
17  Mr. Sachin JOA-IT   Member
18  Ms. Anita Clerk -BBA   Member
19 PTA President   Member
20  OSA President   Member
21  CSCA President   Member

Dr. Raj Kumar, Dr. Sumiksha and Dr. Ashwani Patel will be Advisors