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Government College Una (H.P) | Iqac Committee
  • 'Government Degree College'
    - Una has the rare distinction of being first in Himachal Pradesh
  • 'Accredited 'B+' Grade '
    - NAAC, Bangalore
  • 'N.C.C And N.S.S'
    - Rovers and Rangers
  • 'Sports AND Co-Curricular'
    - Activities


IQAC Committee »

The IQAC of the college in hereby restructured as under

Committee as minutes of meeting 2017-18 »

This is for the information of followings team members that they have been included in IQAC for the session 2017-18. I hope that all of us will contribute our best to raise qualitative standards of the institution.

Chairperson: Sh. Trilok Chand (Principal)
Coordinator IQAC: Puneet Prem

Members from Teaching staff:

S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Signature
1 Puneet Kanwar
2 Sumit Sharma
3 Ashwini Kumar
4 Gaurav Sharma
5 Devinder Kumar

Senior administrative officer: Sh. Rakesh Pathak (Office Supdt.)
Student member: Shobhit Kumar

Local members:

S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Signature
1 Dr SK Chawla (Retd. Principal)
2 Rajeev Mehta (Businessman)
S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Signature
1 Sh. Sat Dev Bhardwaj
2 Smt. Pratima Nadda
3 DR. Sumiksha
4 Sh. Ajay Ram Dev
5 Dr. Raman Kumar
6 Dr. Ashwini Kumar
7 Sh. Gaurav Sharma
8 Sh. Devender Atlas
9  Ms. Meena Soni librarian and Sh. Pawan Kumar J.O.A.

will Assist the IQAC as an when required.

S. No. Name (Sh./Smt./Ms/Prof/Dr.) Position
1 Sh. DarshanKumar  Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Sumiksha  Member
3 Dr.Ashwani Patel   Member
4 Dr. Shveta Sharma   Member
5 Sh. Devender Kumar   Member
6 Ms. Anita Saini   Member
7 Sh. Karan Kumar   Member
8 Sh. Devender Kumar   Member
9  Ms. Meena Soni( librarian )   Member
10  Ms. Meena Soni librarian and Sh. Pawan Kumar J.O.A.   Member
11  Sh. Pawan Kumar (J.O.A.-IT)   Member
12  Ms. Anita Kumari (Clerk-BBA)   Member
13  Sh.Amit Kumar(Clerk MCA)   Member