• 'Government Degree College'
    - Una has the rare distinction of being first in Himachal Pradesh
  • 'Accredited 'B+' Grade '
    - NAAC, Bangalore
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    - Rovers and Rangers
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Medical Facility

The College gives ample attention to the health & hygiene of students. It houses a medical room equipped with primary medical aid facilities. In case of emergency, the student is taken to the nearest hospital. The college has adequate number of washrooms for students and staff with vending machines for sanitary napkins.

First Aid Committee/Health Centre

S.No Name (Sh./Smt./Ms./Prof/Dr.) Mobile No. Position
1 Shashi Kanwar 9418025945 Convener
2 Rakesh  Kumar 9418305313 Member
3 Ranju Banota 9418076178 Member
4 Richa Member
5 Richa Sharma Member
6 Rajni 9459807756 Member
7 Anu Sharma Member
8 Ashok Kapil Member

Toll Free Medical/Health Emergency Helpline  :–  102,108