• 'Government Degree College'
    - Una has the rare distinction of being first in Himachal Pradesh
  • 'Accredited 'B+' Grade '
    - NAAC, Bangalore
  • 'N.C.C And N.S.S'
    - Rovers and Rangers
  • 'Sports AND Co-Curricular'
    - Activities


There is provision of NCC for both girls and boys in the college. Enrolment begins with the commencement of the session.


National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) is currently having three units in this college with enrolment of one hundred volunteers each under the able guidance of a program Officer. These units are engaged in regular as well as special camp activities in and around the college, as envisaged under the spirit of the scheme. Enrolment is by selection within a month of the admission in the college.

Rovers & Rangers

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a voluntary organization. It is devoted to the development of character of the young generation and selfless service to the country. There are more then 250 million people in 216 countries with 153 internationally recognized organizations under the umbrella of Scout and Guides. The movement is steadily marching ahead in Himachal Pradesh. This movement has already reached the schools and colleges in Himachal Pradesh having a new target area from the academic session 2005-06. Young adults are enrolled as Rovers & Rangers in the College. Rovers and Rangers are given training of leadership for the service of motherland and mankind.

Financial Assistance to needy but deserving students

A limited number of students who can not pursue their studies due to financial constraints are provided assistance from the college Students Aid Fund (Provided they don’t have received assistance from any other sources.

Tutorial Management Cell

In order to encourage interaction between students and teachers, the Tutorial Groups are created. The students can discuss their problems (Academic/ Non-academic) with their tutors.

Central Students College Association (CSCA)

The CSCA of the college students is elected in the beginning of the new session according to the university rules. This body helps the college authorities to maintain discipline in the college as well as facilities and the developmental activities. Election dates are notified by H.P.U. after the admission process in over.

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The PTA has been constituted w.e.f. session 2004-05 to work for the overall development of the college. Election to this body is held every year. All parents/Guardians are requested to spare their valuable time for the General Body meeting of PTA as and when the date is notified well in advance.

OSA (Old Student Association)

An Old Students Association comprising of the Alumni of this college has been constituted w.e.f. session 2004-05. Apart from the nostalgic reasons this association has been constituted to make a contribution towards developmental activities of their alma mater.

Sports and Co-curricular Activities

The college provides excellent facilities to sports person. The discipline in which the college prepares teams for University Championships are: Athletics, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, badminton, Handball etc. The students are trained by experienced coaches. A committee of teachers decides the formation of teams to represent the college in different Tournaments. The college also providence guidance to students in various cultural activities. The items are Music, Debate, Declamation, Elocution, Symposium, Quiz, Drama, Poetic, Symposium & Dance.

Awards and Prizes

Prizes are given to the students securing positions in the University/ House examination, sports and other extra curricular activities delineated as following and the prize money is decided by the college Advisory Committee.

Academic Prizes

1. Students securing first to tenth position in HPU Annual Examination.
2. 1st/2nd/3rd position in the college in aggregate in H.P. annual/house examination and 1st/2nd position in all subject in the college in HPU annual/house examination.

Sports/Cultural/NCC/NSS etc.

1. Participation in International Events, Gold/Sliver/Bronze Medal in Inter-Varsity/Inter College championships/ Annual College Athletic Meet and championship in Intra-College Events.
2. Youth festival prizes would be at per with the sports prizes.
3. NCC/NSS students participating in RD Parade, NCC cadets appointed as SUO and UO for the session and declared the Best Cadet.
4. NSS volunteer appointed President/ declared Best Volunteer in each unit (M & F both).
5. SCA office bearers are given Blazer Cloth at the time of Oath taking ceremony.
6. Ranger & Rovers participation in State Level Camp.
7. Blood Donors, special Prizes on extra ordinary contribution in the college activities.