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Department of Computer Science
Govt. PG College Una (HP)

The Department of Computer Science was established to meet the demand for well-qualified computer professionals and was conceived in the year 2009. The Department aims at imparting quality education and strives to quench the thirst for knowledge. The Department offers B.Sc in computer science. This degree program focuses on theoretical computer science as well as software and application development, Department of Computer Science has a mission to empower every student to be industrious, creative and quality conscious in the field of Computer Science (Information Technology) by imparting quality education and inculcating human values. Students are given proper exposure to current trends including Software Engineering, Computer graphics, Web Technology, software architecture,cloud computing, Machine learning etc. Knowledge of Computer Science students should not just be limited to their syllabus but they should be aware of all the technical advancements and research in the area. Major focus is how a problem/project can be executed in minimum time and greater focus is laid on generation of new ideas though creativity of thoughts.At the Department of Computer Science, students acquire extensive knowledge and a high degree of expertise in information and communication technology. The department’s philosophy of integration of humanities and sciences equips them with the skills and competencies to become the driving force for innovation and application of information technology that is in harmony with people and society as well as the ability to meet challenges as they pioneer new areas of information science. The department has provided a well-equipped air-conditioned computer lab with latest computer softwares.The whole department is connected through LAN in order to provide modern teaching and learning environment and fast access to the Internet. In addition, the department has Wi-Fi connectivity. The LAN caters to many important computing needs of the Department such as compilers of the popular programming languages, communication and Internet facility. There is one Server with WIN 2003 OS in the lab and 25 computers connected through LAN.A screen is installed in the lab to demonstrate practical works to the students. The department is laced with modern ICT tools and equipment that include projectors, interactive boards, and digital podium. The department ensures that program objectives are constantly met and learning outcomes are monitored through periodical test and assignment. The Department lays emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects of subjects taught.

Prof. Yash Paul


HOD (Deptt. Of Computer Science)

Yash Paul

MCA, B.Ed, SLET(Rank 1 in HP)

Assistant Professor