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    - Una has the rare distinction of being first in Himachal Pradesh
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Bhim Rao Ambedkar Library


Government Degree College Una   has  a well-equipped Library for the benefit of the students and staff members .Library has one reading room having capacity of 80 users., one office for the Librarian and a reference room .The Library has 22,000 books on different subjects to cater to the need of its users .To nurture the interest among the students in current Affairs and general knowledge  the library has subscribed to  07 English and 07 Hindi  newspapers,13 Magazines and 33 journals. The library offers Online Access to E-journals and E-books through INFLIBNET under N-list program in which access to 80409+ E-Books and 3828 E- Journals is provided. For easy accessibility Library has Web Links for N-list as well as for open access Resources, Library has SOUL (ILMS) software for easy management for its resources .books are catalogue in this software and these can be search by Acc. No. , Author, Title and subject. Library Provides Wi-Fi facility to the students and teachers.library has separate section for digital library in which 16 computers are installed where student can access read the library material in form of e-books /e journal. Efforts are being taken to fully Computerize  the Library in due course.The  process of RFID/TAGGS is going on.SOUL is updated from 2.0 version to 3.0

Book Borrowing Facility

  1. Students: 2 books for home study for 2 weeks
  2. Faculty Member: 5 books for an academic session.
  3. Non-Teaching  Staff members: 2 books for 2 weeks

Library staff:-

  • College librarian : 01 Mrs. Meena Soni
  • Assistant librarian : 01 Mrs. Renu Narula

Library committee:-

For smooth functioning of library and its activities, every year college authority constitutes library committee. The main objective of this library committee utilize the funds and to look in to the other affairs of the library. The committee also looks in to the student’s / faculty user’s grievance, if any.

The committee consists of principal as chairman, senior Teachers as members and college librarian as member secretary.

Category of library Users:-

All the students and faculty, members and non- teaching staff (servicing Government Degree College UNA) are entitled to get the membership of the library.

Library Cards:-

Library card will be issued by the College Librarian & Assistant Librarian. No one will be permitted to the library without library card. In case library card lost/ misplaced the student must report immediately to the College Librarian. New/duplicate Library card will be issued after 15days and Rs. 20/- be charged for the same.

Loss/Mutilation of Books:-

*In case of damage or loss of books, the user shall be required to replace the book with latest edition or pay the actual cost with 20% extra.

Restricted categories of books / and Others Reading Materials: – *Reference books, multivolume books and rare books shall not be lent out for home study. These can be consulted with in library premises with the written permission of the College Librarian. Magazines and Newspapers, provided in the library Reading room will not be issued to all the above categories to the users

General Rules: –

  • Readers shall maintain proper order and silence in the library. Making noise, spitting, smoking, writing, marking on wall, use of mobiles or doing anything else which may disturb staff and other readers or against the library rules is strictly prohibited.
  • All readers are responsible for any damage caused to the library property or reading materials. The readers shall be required to replace the same and be panelized under library rules.
  • The issue counter will be closed half an hour earlier so that the persons on the counter may wind up their work for the day and may prepare for the next day.
  • No reader will be allowed to sleep in the library and its reading rooms. The librarian may recall any book at any time if librarian considers that it is in great demand and in the interest of institution.

The institution has subscription for the follow ing  e-resources;

  1. e-journals
  2. e-Shodh Sindhu
  3. Shodhganga Membership
  4. e-books
  5. Databases
  6. Remote access to e-resources