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Journalism Education : A key to the successful democracy

खीचों न कमानों को न तलवार निकालो,

जब तोप मुकाबिल हो तो अखबार निकालो।

अकबर इलाहाबादी


The Department of Journalism & Mass communication came into existence from the session 2006-2007. To provide quality education to the students of Journalism. The Journalism and media studies envision a global society where citizens are engaged in their community.

Mission :

  • The mission of the Department is to provide excellence in education on fundamental concepts, values and skills in journalism.
  • Shape the future of News and Media through its faculty and curriculum.
  • Give the fundamental journalistic values of accuracy, accountability and fairness.
  • Provide high quality and relevant education, training and professional development support in journalism and communication

Goals :

  • Provide platform to students for Job in Print media, Electronic media, Public Relations and Advertisement Sector.

Programme offers :

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) as a Major/Minor Subject

Course Duration :

3 Years

Medium :


Opportunities :

  • The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication provides the demand of experts and professionals the various fields of Media as advertisement, Public relation, Radio, Television, News Paper etc.
  • The Students are working at different Media centres.
  • The objectives of Journalism Deptt are to make professional in various areas of Mass Communication.

Dr. K. K. Pandey

M.J., PhD (Journalism)

  • Teaching Experience : 13 Years
  • Media Experiences : 10 Years
  • Books Published : 02
  • Research Paper Published : 09
  • Seminar/Conferences: More than 10 International/National/Regional.
  • One research project on going Funded by ICHR (MHRD)


Dr.K. K Pandey


M.J., PhD(Journalism)

Assistant Professor